The 57Fe Mo??ssbauer parameters of pyrite and marcasite with different provenances

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

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Eighteen pyrite and twelve marcasite samples which have different provenances have been investigated to determine the systematics of the influence of mineralogical and geological factors on the 57Fe Mo??ssbauer spectra at 298 K. The following results have been obtained: there is no ambiguity in distinguishing single phase pyrite from single phase marcasite by means of 57Fe Mo??ssbauer spectroscopy at 298 K. At 298 K the average electric quadrupole splitting, ?????EQ???, and average isomer shift, ????????, with respect to Fe metal, are 0.6110 ?? 0.0030 mm s-1 and 0.313 ?? 0.008 mm s-1, respectively, for the 18 pyrites; ?????EQ??? = 0.5030 ?? 0.0070 mm s-1 and ???????? = 0.2770 ?? 0.0020 mm s-1 for the 12 marcasites. At 77 K, ??EQ is 0.624 mm s-1 for pyrite and 0.508 mm s-1 for marcasite. In distinguishing pyrites from marcasites, spectra obtained at 77 K are not warranted. The Mo??ssbauer parameters of pyrite and marcasite exhibit appreciable variations, which bear no simple relationship to the geological environment in which they occur but appear to be selectively influenced by impurities, especially arsenic, in the pyrite lattice. Quantitative and qualitative determinations of pyrite/marcasite mechanical mixtures are straightforward at 298 K and 77 K but do require least-squares computer fittings and are limited to accuracies ranging from ??5 to ??15 per cent by uncertainties in the parameter values of the pure phases. The methodology and results of this investigation are directly applicable to coals for which the presence and relative amounts of pyrite and marcasite could be of considerable genetic significance. ?? 1982.

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The 57Fe Mo??ssbauer parameters of pyrite and marcasite with different provenances
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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
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