The UThPb age of equilibrated L chondrites and a solution to the excess radiogenic Pb problem in chondrites

Earth and Planetary Science Letters



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U, Th, and Pb analyses of whole-rock and troilite separates from seven L chondrites suggest that the excess radiogenic Pb relative to U and the large variations in PbPb model ages commonly observed in chondritic meteorites are largely due to terrestrial Pb contamination induced prior to analyses. Using the Pb isotopic composition of troilite separates to calculate the isotopic composition of the Pb contaminants, the whole-rock data have been corrected for pre-analysis terrestrial Pb contamination. Two approaches have been used: (1) the chondrite-troilite apparent initial Pb isotopic compositions were used to approximate the mixture of indigenous intial Pb and terrestrial Pb in the whole-rock sample, and (2) a single-stage (concordant) model was applied using the assumption that the excess radiogenic Pb in these samples was terrestrial. Data for L5 and L6 chondrites yield a 4551 ?? 7 My age using the former correction and a 4550 ?? 5 My age using the latter one. Corrected data for one L4 chondrite, Tennasilm, yield a 4552 ?? 13 My age which is indistinguishable from that of the L5-L6 chondrites. However, the other L4 chondrite, Bjurbo??le, yields a 4590 ?? 6 My. ThUPb data suggest that this older age may be an artifact of the correction procedure, and that some of the discordancy of the Bjurbo??le data is the result of either a recent geologic disturbance to the UThPb system or to terrestrial U loss. Some aliquots of the L5L6 chondrites also show small amounts of discordancy (??? 10%) which are not easily attributable to terrestrial Pb contamination. The data from the L5-L6 chondrites and Tennasilm suggest that there are no more than ??? 15 MY differences in the ages of L24-L6 chondrites. ?? 1982.

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The UThPb age of equilibrated L chondrites and a solution to the excess radiogenic Pb problem in chondrites
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Earth and Planetary Science Letters
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