A neural network approach for enhancing information extraction from multispectral image data

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A back-propagation artificial neural network (ANN) was applied to classify multispectral remote sensing imagery data. The classification procedure included four steps: (i) noisy training that adds minor random variations to the sampling data to make the data more representative and to reduce the training sample size; (ii) iterative or multi-tier classification that reclassifies the unclassified pixels by making a subset of training samples from the original training set, which means the neural model can focus on fewer classes; (iii) spectral channel selection based on neural network weights that can distinguish the relative importance of each channel in the classification process to simplify the ANN model; and (iv) voting rules that adjust the accuracy of classification and produce outputs of different confidence levels. The Purdue Forest, located west of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, was chosen as the test site. The 1992 Landsat thematic mapper imagery was used as the input data. High-quality airborne photographs of the same Lime period were used for the ground truth. A total of 11 land use and land cover classes were defined, including water, broadleaved forest, coniferous forest, young forest, urban and road, and six types of cropland-grassland. The experiment, indicated that the back-propagation neural network application was satisfactory in distinguishing different land cover types at US Geological Survey levels II-III. The single-tier classification reached an overall accuracy of 85%. and the multi-tier classification an overall accuracy of 95%. For the whole test, region, the final output of this study reached an overall accuracy of 87%. ?? 2005 CASI.

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A neural network approach for enhancing information extraction from multispectral image data
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