Hydrology of the White Tail Butte area, northern Campbell County, Wyoming

Water-Resources Investigations Report 82-4117




Quantity of runoff and peak discharge from one small basin in the White Tail Butte area, determined from a calibrated rainfall-runoff model, is less than the quantity computed using results of a regional study. The difference is caused by the extensive beds of exposed, permeable clinker in the area. Potentiometric surfaces in the White Tail Butte area indicate that, regionally, it is a discharge area. This is consistent with the conceptual model developed elsewhere in Campbell County , Wyo. The chemical quality of water from springs and alluvium, however, is characteristic of water found in recharge areas, so movement of water in the regional system is apparently small compared to local recharge. If surface coal mining occurs in the area, the principal adverse impact to the groundwater system would be the destruction of springs and seeps in the mined area. These could be restored with special reclamation procedures. There are adequate quantities of water of suitable quality for stock or domestic use below the coal so postreclamation supplies could be obtained. Impacts of surface mining on runoff could not be evaluated, but sensitivity of runoff to infiltration indicates a 10% change in runoff for a 1% change in infiltration. (USGS)

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Hydrology of the White Tail Butte area, northern Campbell County, Wyoming
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Water-Resources Investigations Report
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