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Martin D. Robards , Mary F. Willson , Robert H. Armstrong , and John F. Piatt ORCID iD



This bibliography contains over 1,700 published and unpublished references on the family Ammodytidae with an emphasis on the genus Ammodytes. The references are alphabetical by author and then by year of publication.

Abstracts and summaries are included for the references we have seen and those provided electronically by others. Abstracts written by the original authors are within quotation marks; abstracts not in quotation marks were written by the compilers of this bibliography

For each reference, we provide keywords. For references obtained electronically, we used the keywords provided by others. References we were not able to review personally may contain information on additional subjects about sand lance not mentioned in the index.

The keywords have been further organized into taxonomic, geographic, subject, and predator indexes. For the taxonomic and predator indexes, we used the scientific or common name provided by the authors. No attempt was made to combine synonyms. For references in which no scientific name was provided, we used the most likely taxon.

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