Land management in the Anthropocene: Is history still relevant?

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Ecological restoration, conservation, and land management are often based on comparisons with reference sites or time periods, which are assumed to represent “natural” or “properly functioning” conditions. Such reference conditions can provide a vision of the conservation or management goal and a means to measure progress toward that vision. Although historical ecology has been used successfully to guide resource management in many parts of the world, the continuing relevance of history is now being questioned. Some scientists doubt that lessons from the past can inform management in what may be a dramatically different future, given profound climate change, accelerated land use, and an onslaught of plant and animal invasions.

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Title Land management in the Anthropocene: Is history still relevant?
Year Published 2008
Language English
Conference Title Incorporating historical ecology and climate change into land management
Conference Location Lansdowne, Virginia
Conference Date April 22-25, 2008
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