Speciation and equilibrium relations of soluble aluminum in a headwater stream at base flow and during rain events

Water Resources Research



In a small watershed in the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, the short-term dynamics of soluble aluminum in stream water sampled during rain events differed significantly from stream water sampled during base flow conditions. Three fractions of dissolved aluminum were measured. The inorganic monomeric fraction made up approximately two thirds of the total reactive aluminum at base flow, followed by the acid-soluble and organic monomeric fractions, respectively. Equilibrium modeling showed that hydroxide complexes were the most abundant form of inorganic monomeric aluminum followed by fluoride, free aluminum ion, and sulfate. The activity of inorganic monomeric aluminum at base flow appears to be in equilibrium with an Al(OH)3 phase with solubility intermediate between microcrystalline gibbsite and natural gibbsite. During two rain events, the concentration of all three aluminum fractions increased significantly. Available chemical evidence indicates that acidic soil water was the primary source of dissolved aluminum. As flow increased, the Al(OH)3 saturation index in the stream water increased significantly. The primary cause of the transient increase in the Al(OH)3 saturation index appears to have been the neutralization of excess H+ added by soil water through reaction with stream water HCO3 at a more rapid rate than excess inorganic monomeric aluminum could be removed from solution by hydroxide mineral precipitation. A soil water/stream water mixing model was developed based on measured changes of stream water alkalinity, silica concentration, and charge imbalance during the rain events. Model results indicate that a small amount of soil water (3–11%) was present in the stream at peak stage.

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Title Speciation and equilibrium relations of soluble aluminum in a headwater stream at base flow and during rain events
Series title Water Resources Research
DOI 10.1029/WR025i007p01653
Volume 25
Issue 7
Year Published 1989
Language English
Publisher American Geophysical Union
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Country United States
State Virginia
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