Statistical summaries of New Jersey streamflow records

New Jersey Division of Water Policy and Supply Water Resources Circular 23

Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the State of New Jersey, Deptartment of Environmental Protection, Division of Water Policy and Supply



In 1961 the U.S. Geological Survey prepared a report which was published by the State of New Jersey as Water Resources Circular 6, "New Jersey Streamflow Records analyzed with Electronic Computer" by Miller and McCall. Basic discharge data for periods of record through 1958 were analyzed for 59 stream-gaging stations in New Jersey and flow-duration, low-flow, and high-flow tables were presented.

The purpose of the current report is to update and expand Circular 6 by presenting, with a few meaningful statistics and tables, the bulk of the information that may be obtained from the mass of streamflow records available. The records for 79 of approximately 110 stream-gaging stations presently or previously operated in New Jersey, plus records for three stations in Pennsylvania, and one in New York are presented in summarized form. In addition to inclusing a great number of stations in this report, more years of record and more tables are listed for each station. A description of the station, three arrangements of data summarizing the daily flow records and one table listing statistics of the monthly mean flows are provided. No data representing instantaneous extreme flows are given. Plotting positions for the three types of curves describing the characteristics of daily discharge are listed for each station. Statistical parameters are also presented so that alternate curves may be drawn.

All stations included in this report have 5 or more years of record. The data presented herein are based on observed flow past the gaging station. For any station where the observed flow is affected by regulation or diversion, a "Remarks" paragraph, explaining the possible effect on the data, is included in the station description.

Since any streamflow record is a sample in time, the data derived from these records can provide only a guide to expected future flows. For this reason the flow records are analyzed by statistical techniques, and the magnitude of sampling errors should be recognized.

These analyzed data will be useful to a large number of municipal, state, and federal agencies, industries, utilities, engineers, and hydrologists concerned with the availability, conservation, control, and use of surface waters. The tabulated data and curves illustrated herein can be used to select sites for water supplies, to determine flood or drought storage requirements, and to appraise the adequacy of flows for dilution of wastes or generation of power. The statistical values presented herein can be used in computer programs available in many universities, Federal and State agencies, and engineering firms for a broad spectrum of research and other studies.

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Statistical summaries of New Jersey streamflow records
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