Reconnaissance stratigraphic studies in the Susitna basin, Alaska, during the 2014 field season

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The Susitna basin is a poorly-understood Cenozoic successor basin immediately north of Cook Inlet in south-central Alaska (Kirschner, 1994). The basin is bounded by the Castle Mountain fault and Cook Inlet basin on the south, the Talkeetna Mountains on the east, the Alaska Range on the north, and the Alaska–Aleutian Range on the west (fig. 2-1). The Cenozoic fill of the basin includes coal-bearing nonmarine rocks that are partly correlative with Paleogene strata in the Matanuska Valley and Paleogene and Neogene formations in Cook Inlet (Stanley and others, 2013, 2014). Mesozoic sedimentary rocks are present in widely-scattered uplifts in and around the margins of the basin; these rocks differ significantly from Mesozoic rocks in the forearc basin to the south. Mesozoic strata in the Susitna region were likely part of a remnant ocean basin that preceded the nonmarine Cenozoic basin (Trop and Ridgway, 2007). The presence of coal-bearing strata similar to units that are proven source rocks for microbial gas in Cook Inlet (Claypool and others, 1980) suggests the possibility of a similar system in the Susitna basin (Decker and others, 2012). In 2011 the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) and Alaska Division of Oil and Gas, in collaboration with the U.S. Geological Survey, initiated a study of the gas potential of the Susitna basin (Gillis and others, 2013). This report presents a preliminary summary of the results from 14 days of helicopter-supported field work completed in the basin in August 2014. The goals of this work were to continue the reconnaissance stratigraphic work begun in 2011 aimed at understanding reservoir and seal potential of Tertiary strata, characterize the gas source potential of coals, and examine Mesozoic strata for source and reservoir potential

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Title Reconnaissance stratigraphic studies in the Susitna basin, Alaska, during the 2014 field season
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