R for fledglings

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We’ve been asked to provide a short introduction to R and its utility in natural resource management. In this short introduction, we can guarantee one thing: you won’t learn R in a few days. That would be like learning to speak French in a few days. To actually learn R, you need to practice….Bode Miller didn’t win his Olympic medals without hours and hours of practice. However, in this short introduction, you can gain an appreciation for what R can do, be introduced to some key functions that you will likely use over and over again, and learn some strategies for creating scripts for automating your work. There are several excellent R books that provide much more information than this short introduction….. R has a steep learning curve, and our hope is to cover some basics to get you over the initial hump.

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Publication type Book
Title R for fledglings
Year Published 2015
Language English
Publisher University of Vermont
Contributing office(s) Coop Res Unit Leetown
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