Management implications of brood division in Golden-winged Warblers: Chapter 10

Studies in Avian Biology - 10
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Brood division in the postfledging period is a common avian behavior that is not well understood. Brood division has been reported in Golden-winged Warblers (Vermivora chrysoptera), but it is not known how common this behavior is, whether males and females exhibit different strategies related to parental care and habitat use, or how brood division might influence management strategies. We radiomarked fledglings and monitored divided broods of Golden-winged Warblers from fledging until independence from parental care at three sites in the western Great Lakes region from 2010 to 2012 to assess differences in strategies between male and female parents and to consider possible management implications. Male - and female-reared sub-broods exhibited different space use during the dependent post-fledging period despite similar fledgling survivial, cover-type use, and microhabitat use. By independence, female-reared sub-broods traveled over twice as far from the nest (mean = 461 ± 81) SE m) as male-reared sub-broods (164 ± 41 m). Additionally, female-reared sub-broods traveled over three times as far from the natal patch edge (35 ± 72 m) as male-reared sub-broods (108 ± 36 m). Without accounting for differential space use by male- and female-reared sub-broods, we would have reported broods traveling 292 (± 46 m) from the nest and 214 (± 40m) from the natal patch edge - distances that do not reflect how far females move sub-broods. Parental strategies differ between sexes with regard to movement patterns, and we recommend incorporating the differences in space use between sexes in future management plans for Golden-winged Warblers  and other species that employ brood division. Specifically, management actions might be most effective when they are applied at spatial scales large enough to incorporate the habitat requirements of both sexes throughout the entire reproductive season. 

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