187Os/ 188Os And Highly Siderophile Element Systematics Of Apollo 17 Aphanitic Melt Rocks

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Generally chondritic relative abundances and high absolute abundances of the highly siderophile elements (HSE: Ru, Rh, Pd, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au) in Earth's upper mantle provide strong evidence that these elements were added to the Earth following the last major interaction between its metallic core and silicate fraction. So called "late accretion" may have added materials comprising as much as 0.8% of the total mass of the Earth and possibly a similar proportion of mass to the Moon. We have begun to study the chemical nature of late accreted materials to the Earth-Moon system by examining the HSE contained in lunar impact-melt rocks. The HSE contained in melt rocks were largely added to the Moon during the period of time from the origin of the lunar highlands crust (4.4-4.5 Ga) to the end of the late bombardment period (ca. 3.9 Ga). These materials provide the only direct chemical link to the late accretionary period. The chemical fingerprints of the HSE in late accreted materials may enable us to ascertain under what conditions and where in the solar system the late accreted materials formed. The 1870s/1880s ratios (reflecting long-term Re/Os), coupled with ratios of other HSE, can be diagnostic for identifying the nature of the impactor. A critical issue, however, will be deconvolving the exogenous from indigenous components. Herein we examine the Os isotopic and HSE systematics of Apollo 17 aphanitic melt rocks 73215 and 73255. The HSE in these rocks were likely added at ~3.9 Ga from the impactor that formed the Serenitatis basin.

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Title 187Os/188Os And Highly Siderophile Element Systematics Of Apollo 17 Aphanitic Melt Rocks
Volume 36
Year Published 2005
Language English
Publisher Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston
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Conference Title Thirty-Sixth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Conference Location Houston, Texas
Conference Date March, 14-18, 2005
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