Index of surface-water records, part 4, St. Lawrence River Basin, to September 30, 1950

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The index lists the stream-flow and reservoir stations in the St. Lawrence River Basin for which records have been or are to be published for periods prior to September 30, 1950. The stations are listed in downstream order. Tributary streams are indicated by indention. Station names are given in their most recently published forms. Parentheses around part of a station name indicate that the inclosed word or words were used in an earlier published name or the station or in a name under which records were published by same agency other than the Geological Survey. The drainage areas, in square miles, are the latest figures published or otherwise available at this time. Drainage areas that were obviously inconsistent with other drainage areas on the same stream have been omitted. Some drainage areas not published by the Geological Survey are listed with an appropriate footnote stating the published source or the figure or drainage area. Under "period of record" breaks of less than a 12-month period are not shown. A dash not followed immediately by a closing date shows that the station was in operation on September 30, 1950. The years given are calendar years. Periods of records published by agencies other than the Geological Survey are listed in parentheses only when they contain more detailed information or are for periods not reported in publications to the Geological Survey. Records both of gage height and of discharge are listed for stream-flow stations, and records of gage height and of contents (or of change in contents) are listed for stations on reservoirs. Records of gage heights only and records consisting only of monthly figures either of stream flow or reservoir contents are designated by symbols and footnotes. For early years when daily discharges were not generally published by the Geological Survey, published daily gage heights and a published rating table are considered to be equivalent to daily discharges. An alphabetical index of streams. canals. and reservoirs is given on pages 12 to 14.

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Index of surface-water records, part 4, St. Lawrence River Basin, to September 30, 1950
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