Thematic mapper-derived mineral distribution maps of Idaho, Nevada, and western Montana

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This report provides mineral distribution maps based on TM spectral information of minerals commonly associated with hydrothermal alteration in Nevada, Idaho, and western Montana. The product of the processing is provided as four ESRI GRID files with 30 m resolution by state. UTM Zone 11 projection is used for Nevada (grid clsnv) and western Idaho (grid clsid), UTM Zone 12 is used for eastern Idaho and western Montana (grid clsid_mt). A fourth grid with a special Albers projection is used for the Headwaters project covering Idaho and western Montana (grid crccls_hs). Symbolization for all four grids is stored in the ESRI layer or LYR files and color or CLR files. Objectives of the analyses were to cover a large area very quickly and to provide data that could be used at a scale of 1:100,000 or smaller. Thus, the image processing was standardized for speed while still achieving the desired 1:100,000-scale level of detail. Consequently, some subtle features of mineralogy may be missed. The hydrothermal alteration data were not field checked to separate mineral occurrences due to hydrothermal alteration from those due to other natural occurrences. The data were evaluated by overlaying the results with 1:100,000 scale topographic maps to confirm correlation with known mineralized areas. The data were also tested in the Battle Mountain area of north-central Nevada by a weights-of-evidence correlation analysis with metallic mineral sites from the USGS Mineral Resources Data System and were found to have significant spatial correlation. On the basis of on these analyses, the data are considered useful for regional studies at scales of 1:100,000.

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Thematic mapper-derived mineral distribution maps of Idaho, Nevada, and western Montana
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