Geology and ground-water resources of the northern part of the Ranegras Plain area, Yuma County, Arizona

Open-File Report 51-28




The Ranegras Plain area is part of the Basin and Range province in west-central Arizona. The report discusses rocks of pre-Cambrian, pre-Cambrian (?), Paleozoic (?), Mesozoic (?), Cretaceous (?), Cretaceous and Tertiary, Tertiary (?), Quaternary (?), and Quaternary age. All the Paleozoic (?) and Cretaceous (?) rocks and parts of the Mesozoic (?),Cretaceous and Tertiary, and Tertiary (?) rocks have been mapped as a unit because they are so intensely faulted that detailed mapping was not practical. Rocks older than Quaternary form the mountain ranges bordering the Ranegras Plain. Quaternary alluvium underlies the broad, gently sloping valley floor to depths of generally a few hundred feet, locally more. Well logs indicate that the underlying Tertiary (?) alluvium exceeds 1,100 feet in thickness. The structure of the area is controlled by faulting typical of the Basin and Range province, but the major faults are covered by alluvium and are inferred from topographic features. Ground water occurs in Quaternary and Tertiary (?) alluvium and the best aquifers are in sand and gravel of the Quaternary alluvium. Ground-water movement is, in general, to the northwest. Recharge to the aquifers is predominantly from stream flow resulting from heavy rains. There is also minor or unevaluated recharge from underflow from Butler Valley to the east, andsince 1948seepage from irrigation. Discharge is by pumping and by natural processes of underflow and evapotranspiration. In addition to small domestic and stock wells, only two irrigation wells, in the vicinity of Utting, are in use. No accurate data on pumpage are available. The safe yield from the ground-water reservoir may be less than 5,000 acre-feet and probably does not exceed 10,000 to 15,000 acre-feet per year. The quality of ground water ranges from permissible to unsuitable for irrigation purposes. The fluoride content is generally too high for the water to be considered satisfactory for use by young children.

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Geology and ground-water resources of the northern part of the Ranegras Plain area, Yuma County, Arizona
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