The geology and ore deposits of Upper Mayflower Gulch, Summit County, Colorado

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Upper Mayflower Gulch is on the highly glaciated western side of the Tenmile Range near Kokomo in central Colorado. Somewhat less than $500,000 in silver and gold has been produced from the area since the first mining in the 1880' s. In the mapped area high grade regional metamorphism has produced two varieties of gneiss and a granulite. Total thickness of the rocks is about 5,000 feet. Relict bedding is preserved in compositional banding which strikes north to N. 20 ? E. and dips 70 ? to 80 ? southeast. No significant folding was observed. Normal faulting has occurred since the Precambrian; two major sets of faults are recognizable: (1) a set striking N. 70 ? to 85 ? E. and dipping 75?-85 ? NW; and (2) a set striking N. 70?-50 ? W. and dipping 50?-60 ? SW. Tabular bodies of pegmatite and retrogressively metamorphosed schist along many faults indicate Precambrian movement. The Mayflower fault, a 90 to 300 foot wide zone of siltification and shattered rock, strikes about N. 40 ? W. It extends the entire length of the gulch and appears to form the northern terminus for the northeast trending Mosquito Fault. The Mayflower fault shows repeated movement since the Precambrian, totaling about 3,000 feet of apparent dip slip and 640 feet of apparent strike slip. Faulting during the Tertiary includes both additional movement along Precambrian faults and development of shears trending N. to N. 20 ? E. The shears served as channels for the intrusion of two varieties of quartz latite porphyry dikes. Specular hematite and base-metal sulfide mineralization followed intrusion of the porphyry dikes; the minerals were deposited in open fault zones by high temperature solutions in a low pressure environment. The principal metallic minerals in order of deposition are: hematite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, galena, and rarer argentite. The major mines are the Gold Crest, Payrock, Nova Scotia Boy, and Bird's Nest.

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The geology and ore deposits of Upper Mayflower Gulch, Summit County, Colorado
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