Time-of-travel study: Lake Erie-Niagara River basins

Open-File Report 66-32




Time of travel was determined for 80.54 stream miles on Cattaraugus, Cayuga, Ellicott, Murder, and Tonawanda Creeks; Cazenovia Creek basin; and the Buffalo River. Two or three runs at different discharge rates were made in 13 subreaches on the 7 streams except for a subreach of Ellicott ·creek. In the Ellicott Creek subreach from the Lehigh Valley Railroad bridge (above the Tonawanda Sewer District No. 3 sewage treatment plant) to the mouth, only one time-of-travel run could be made because of the unexpected shutdown of the treatment plant.

On Cattaraugus Creek, the reach was extended to Versailles after the first run. To complete the three runs, a partial run was made on November 16, 1964. On Ellicott Creek, in the subreach between Amherst sewage treatment plant and Sweet Home Road, a partial run was made to check a previous run.

Time-of-travel data for several subreaches are depicted in a series of graphs that show time-distance relationships for several discharge rates.

Flow-duration curves and minimum average consecutive 7-day discharges for a 10-year return period were dete'rmined for one site each on Cattaraugus, Cayuga, and Murder Creeks, and for two sites on Tonawanda and Ellicott Creeks. The 7-day frequency data were also developed for a site on Buffalo River.

Effluent discharge was measured at nine treatment plants. Considerable fluctuation in discharge was recorded at some of the plants.

In the Cazenovia Creek basin, time of travel was determined on the East Branch for 16.45 miles, on the West Branch for 13.8 miles, and on Cazenovia Creek for 16.62 miles. Three runs at different discharge rates were made at most subreaches. On those subreaches where less than three runs were made, a comparison of the relationship with other sites was made to determine the shape of the curves.

Time-of-travel data are shown in graphic form depicting the timedistance relationships for the three major reaches in the Cazenovia Creek basin for several discharge rates. The discharge shown is that at the gaging station on Cazenovia Creek at Ebenezer for which a value of minimum average consecutive ?-day discharge for a 10-year return period was determined.

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Time-of-travel study: Lake Erie-Niagara River basins
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