Seismic refraction surveys in the vicinity of Eagle City, Clark County, Ohio

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As part of a continuing program to define the thickness and extent of water-bearing sand and gravel deposits in southwestern Ohio, the U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Ohio Division of Water, in the summer of 1964 completed a seismic refraction survey in the vicinity of Eagle and Tremont Cities, Ohio (fig. 1). Similar surveys were completed in 1962 of the lower Great Miami River and Whitewater River Valleys (Watkins, 1963); in 1963 of the upper Great Miami River Valley (Watkins and Spieker, 1964) and of the Scioto River Valley (Watkins and Bailey, 1964).

The area of the survey includes known or inferred portions of an interglacial drainage system which is deeply entrenched into bedrock. Ohio was covered by glaciers at least twice during the Pleistocene Epoch. As the last glacier retreated from Clark County, floods of meltwater deposited up to 300 ft of sand and gravel, now forming the lowlands of the Mad River Valley.

The sand and gravel is highly permeable and saturated with large quantities of water of good quality. The underlying bedrock consists of limestone and dolomite, and limestone interbedded with shale. The limestone and dolomite sequence is the principal source of water along the edges of the buried valley where the sand and gravel thins. The city of Springfield has recently developed wells in the glacial deposits, and many industries in the area rely on wells in these deposits as their principal source of water. The purpose of the present survey is to define the thickness and extent of the important water-bearing sand and gravel deposits. Such information will make possible a more accurate evaluation of the area's water resources than has previously been possible.

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Seismic refraction surveys in the vicinity of Eagle City, Clark County, Ohio
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