Evaluation of core data, physical properties, and oil yield USBM/AEC Colorado Core Hole no. 3 (Bronco BR-1)

Open-File Report 69-87

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USBM/AEC Colorado Core Hole No. 3 (Bronco BR-1) is located in the SW1/4SW1/4SW1/4 sec. 14, T. 1 N., R. 98 W., Rio Blanco County, Colorado. The collar is at a ground elevation of 6,356 feet. The hole was core drilled between depths of 964 and 3,325 feet with a total depth of 3,797 feet. The hole was drilled to investigate geologic, geophysical and hydrological conditions at a possible in situ oil-shale retorting experiment site. The drill hole passed through 1,157 feet of alluvium and the Evacuation Creek Member of the Green River Formation, 1,603 feet of the Parachute Creek Member and penetrated into the Garden Gulch Member of the Green River Formation. In-bole density log/oil yield ratio interpretation indicates that two oil-shale zones exist which yield more than 20 gallons of shale oil per ton of rock; an upper zone lying between 1,271 and 1,750 feet in depth and a lower zone lying between 1,900 and 2,964 feet. Halite (sodium chloride salt) is found between 2,140 and 2,185 feet and nahcolite (sodium bicarbonate salt) between 2,195 and 2,700 feet. Nahcolite was present at one time above 2,195 feet but has been subsequently dissolved out by ground water. The core can be divided into six structural units based upon degree of fracturing. A highly fractured interval is found between 1,646 and 1,899 feet, which coincides with the dissolution or leached nahcolite zone. Physical property tests made on core samples between 1,356 and 3,253 feet give average values of 11,988 psi for uniaxial compressive strength, 1.38 X 10[superscript]6[superscript] psi for static Young's modulus and 11,809 fps for compressional velocity.

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Evaluation of core data, physical properties, and oil yield USBM/AEC Colorado Core Hole no. 3 (Bronco BR-1)
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