Empirical transfer functions for stations in the Central California seismological network

Open-File Report 76-259




A sequence of calibration signals composed of a station identification code, a transient from the release of the seismometer mass at rest from a known displacement from the equilibrium position, and a transient from a known step in voltage to the amplifier input are generated by the automatic daily calibration system (ADCS) now operational in the U.S. Geological Survey central California seismographic network. Documentation of a sequence of interactive programs to compute, from the calibration data, the complex transfer functions for the seismographic system (ground motion through digitizer) the electronics (amplifier through digitizer), and the seismometer alone are presented. The analysis utilizes the Fourier transform technique originally suggested by Espinosa et al (1962). Section I is a general description of seismographic calibration. Section II contrasts the 'Fourier transform' and the 'least-squares' techniques for analyzing transient calibration signals. Theoretical consideration for the Fourier transform technique used here are described in Section III. Section IV is a detailed description of the sequence of calibration signals generated by the ADCS. Section V is a brief 'cookbook description' of the calibration programs; Section VI contains a detailed sample program execution. Section VII suggests the uses of the resultant empirical transfer functions. Supplemental interactive programs by which smooth response functions, suitable for reducing seismic data to ground motion, are also documented in Section VII. Appendices A and B contain complete listings of the Fortran source Codes while Appendix C is an update containing preliminary results obtained from an analysis of some of the calibration signals from stations in the seismographic network near Oroville, California.

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Empirical transfer functions for stations in the Central California seismological network
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