Laboratory manual: mineral X-ray diffraction data retrieval/plot computer program

Open-File Report 76-407




The Mineral X-Ray Diffraction Data Retrieval/Plot Computer Program--XRDPLT (VanTrump and Hauff, 1976a) is used to retrieve and plot mineral X-ray diffraction data. The program operates on a file of mineral powder diffraction data (VanTrump and Hauff, 1976b) which contains two-theta or 'd' values, and intensities, chemical formula, mineral name, identification number, and mineral group code. XRDPLT is a machine-independent Fortran program which operates in time-sharing mode on a DEC System i0 computer and the Gerber plotter (Evenden, 1974). The program prompts the user to respond from a time-sharing terminal in a conversational format with the required input information. The program offers two major options: retrieval only; retrieval and plot. The first option retrieves mineral names, formulas, and groups from the file by identification number, by the mineral group code (a classification by chemistry or structure), or by searches based on the formula components. For example, it enables the user to search for minerals by major groups (i.e., feldspars, micas, amphiboles, oxides, phosphates, carbonates) by elemental composition (i.e., Fe, Cu, AI, Zn), or by a combination of these (i.e., all copper-bearing arsenates). The second option retrieves as the first, but also plots the retrieved 2-theta and intensity values as diagrammatic X-ray powder patterns on mylar sheets or overlays. These plots can be made using scale combinations compatible with chart recorder diffractograms and 114.59 mm powder camera films. The overlays are then used to separate or sieve out unrelated minerals until unknowns are matched and identified.

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Laboratory manual: mineral X-ray diffraction data retrieval/plot computer program
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