January 1977 water levels, and data related to water-level changes since 1950, western Kansas

Open-File Report 77-264




This report contains basic data on water-level measurements in observation wells in western Kansas. Most of the measurements were made in January 1977; a few were made in December 1976 and in February 1977. The measurements were made in mid-winter when pumping was minimal and water levels had recovered from the effects of pumping during the previous irrigation season. This report also contains basic hydrologic data for 1950-77 that are provided for consideration in relation to the January 1977 water-level measurements.

The annual water-level measurements are made by personnel of the Division of Water Resources of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture and of the U.S. Geological Survey. State-agency support for this program is provided through the Kansas Geological Survey.

Wells in this report are numbered according to the Bureau of Land Management's system of land subdivision. In this system, the first set of digits of a well number indicates the township; the second set, the range east or west of the sixth prinicipal meridian; and the third set, the section in which the well is situated. The first letter denotes the 160-acre tract, the second, the 40-acre tract, and the third, the 10-acre tract. The letters are designated in a counterclockwise direction beginning in the northeast quarter of the section. Where there is more than one well in a 10-acre tract, consecutive numbers, beginning with "2", are added in the order in which the wells are inventoried.

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January 1977 water levels, and data related to water-level changes since 1950, western Kansas
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