A water-quality assessment of the Feather Creek watershed, Vermillion County, Indiana

Open-File Report 77-499




Chemical quality of surface water within the Feather Creek watershed is generally good. However, fecal bacteria concentrations are high enough to represent a potential problem, especially because of the high water-contact recreation proposed for the future reservoir. Chemical analyses of surface-water samples collected on October 9, 1974, and periodically from October 1, 1975, to September 28, 1976, show that the water was calcium bicarbonate type at all sites except one, where it was calcium sulfate. Range of dissolved-solids concentration was from 290 to 1,080 milligrams per liter. Ranges of concentrations (in milligrams per liter) of some of the dissolved constituents in water were: nitrate (as nitrogen), from 0.01 to 6.9; phosphate (as phosphorous), from 0.01 to 0.14; and total organic carbon, from 2.5 to 16. Concentrations of fecal coliform bacteria and fecal streptococci bacteria ranged from 60 to 6,700 and 70 to 18,000 colonies per 100 milliliters, respectively. Concentrations of dieldrin in bed materials from two sites was 0.4 microgram per liter, but aldrin, chlordane, DDD, DDE, DDT, endrin, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, lindane, Toxaphene, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), and polychlorinated naphthalene (PCN) compounds were not detected. Navicula sp and Scenedesmus sp dominated the phydoplankton community at the site sampled and indicated an environment lacking in organic enrichment. Cladaphora sp dominated the periphyton community sampled. Benthic invertebrates sampled were mostly caddis flies (Cheumatopsyche sp) and midges (Orthocladius sp) and had a diversity index of 2.3, which indicates some organic enrichment of the stream.

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A water-quality assessment of the Feather Creek watershed, Vermillion County, Indiana
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