Reconnaissance geology of the Manjamah Quadrangle, sheet 18/41 A, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Open-File Report 82-285




The Manjamah quadrangle (sheet 18/41 A) lies between lat 18?30' and 19?00' N. and long 41?00' and 41?30' E. and encompasses an area of 2,932 km2, of which about half is land and the remainder covered by the Red Sea. The geologic formations exposed in the quadrangle comprise Precambrian layered and intrusive rocks,. Tertiary layered rocks and gabbro dikes, and. Quaternary basaltic lavas, pyroclastic rocks, and surficial deposits. The Precambrian rocks are layered metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks that have been assigned to the Baish and Bahah groups. These rocks are cut by Precambrian biotite quartz monzonite and by Miocene gabbro dikes that were intruded during the initial stages of the opening of the Red Sea rift. Tuffaceous siltstone of the Baid formation was also deposited during the Miocene, followed in the Pliocene by the polymict conglomerate of the Bathan formation. The Quaternary rocks include basalt that was extruded during a continuation of the opening of the Red Sea rift, after uplift of the escarpment parallel with the Red Sea but before the Holocene erosional cycle. The greater part of the land area of the quadrangle is covered by Quaternary coastal, pediment, and alluvial deposits of various kinds associated with the deltaic mouths of Wadi Hall and Wadi Yiba and their tributaries and with the development of fringing reefs and islands. The area also contains extensive Quaternary eolian deposits. The economic potential of the quadrangle lies essentially in the agricultural value .of its flood-plain deposits, which are frequently refreshed during flooding with the products of weathering and erosion of the Precambrian rocks in the valleys of Wadi Hal i and Wadi Yiba; coral reefs could possibly provide raw material for use in a cement industry, if any such industry were ever required in this area.

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Reconnaissance geology of the Manjamah Quadrangle, sheet 18/41 A, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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