Chemical and biological quality of selected lakes in Ohio, 1978 and 1979

Open-File Report 84-249




Twenty-eight Ohio lakes were sampled by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for water-quality characteristics during the spring and summer of 1978 and 1979. This report is the third in a series covering a lake-sampling program that began in 1975. Data include water-column profiles of temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, and specific conductance. Chemical, physical, and biological properties were measured at specific points in the water column, and selected physical and chemical properties also were measured in the principal inflows. The lakes were predominatly hard (120 180 milligrams per liter) to very hard water, although several soft-water lakes were found in southeastern Ohio. Calcium, bicarbonate, and sulfate were the principal dissolved constituents. Specific conductance ranged from 103 micromhos per centimeter (at 25 degrees Celsius) at Tycoon Lake, 1978, to 2,550 micromhos per centimeter at West Fork Mill Creek Lake, 1978. Thirteen lakes had trace-element concentrations that were above the limits for exceptional warm-water habitat recammended by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Seasonal thermal gradients developed in most lakes deeper than 17 feet. Oxygen concentrations were zero or near zero during the summer sampling of the bottom water of all lakes having definite thermal gradients. Most anaerobic zones contained hydrogen sulfide and high concentrations of ammonia. All lakes were evaluated and classified by Carlson's trophic state index. Most of the lakes were classified as eutrophic. Blue-green algae (CyanophytaJ) dominated the summer algal communities. Fecal colifrom counts were within Ohio standards, although high (more than 1,000 colonies per 100 milliliters) fecal colifrom and fecal streptococcus counts were observed in West Fork Mill Creek Lake after significant runoff.

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Chemical and biological quality of selected lakes in Ohio, 1978 and 1979
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