Mineral potential of felsic plutonic rocks in the north-central Arabian Shield, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Fourteen plutons of Late Proterozoie age potentially favorable for rare-element mineralization have been identified in a geochemical and petrographic assessment of felsic plutonic rocks in the north-central Arabian Shield (lat 23°00'-25°00' N., long 40°00'-45°00' E.). The plutons are highly fractionated, leucocratic granitoids assigned to a major magmatic pulse that spanned the later stages of the Hijaz orogeny (about 610 Ma to about 550 Ma). Most of the targeted plutons are small or not deeply eroded. Two rock types are dominant: subsolvus, muscovite-bearing monzogranite or syenogranite; and hypersolvus, mieroeline perthite granite commonly containing sodic pyriboles. Enrichment in varied suites of the granitophile elements (Sn-W-NbTa-Zr-Y-Th-U) is characteristic. The plutons occupy the central part of a broad arcuate belt of geochemically specialized plutons that conforms generally to the eastern limit of exposed Proterozoic basement.

The muscovite-bearing monzogranites containing anomalous tin and tungsten in rock and (or) wadi sediment samples occur generally east of long 42°30' E. Two of these, Jabal Minya and Jabal Khinzir, are recommended for immediate follow-up studies. Of the alkali granites, most of which occur in the area west of long 42°30' E., the composite plutons of Jabal Hadb ad Dayahin and Jabal Tuqfah have the highest potential for rare-element mineralization and warrant prompt systematic investigation. Evaluation of isolated one- or two-element anomalies should be coordinated with current high-density geochemical prospecting programs of the Riofinex Geological Mission.

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Mineral potential of felsic plutonic rocks in the north-central Arabian Shield, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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