Shorter contributions to general geology, 1917

Professional Paper 108




Contents: A. Baked shale and slag formed by the burning of coal beds / G.S. Rogers B. The Newington moraine, Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts / F.J. Katz and Arthur Keith C.A comparison of Paleozoic sections in southern New Mexico / N.H. Darton D. Wasatch fossils in so-called Fort Union beds of the Powder River Basin, Wyo., and their bearing on the stratigraphy of the region / C.H. Wegemann E. Geologic history indicated by the fossiliferous deposits of the Wilcox group at Meridian, Miss. / E.W. Berry F.A fossil flora from the Frontier formation of southwestern Wyoming / F.H. Knowlton G. The stratigraphic position and faunal associates of the orbitoid Foraminifera of the genus Orthophragmina from Georgia and Florida / C.W. Cooke G. Orbitoid Foraminifera of the genus Orthophragmina from Georgia and Florida / J.A. Cushman H. The Pliocene history of northern and central Mississippi / E.W. Shaw I. Stratigraphy in northwestern Maine and southeastern New Hampshire / F.J. Katz J. The Flaxville gravel and its relation to other terrace gravels of the northern Great Plains / A.J. Collier K. The Helderberg limestone of central Pennsylvania / J.B. Reeside L. Stratigraphy of the Hanna Basin, Wyo. / C.F. Bowen

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Shorter contributions to general geology, 1917
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Professional Paper
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Washington Government Printing Office
Issued as seperate chapters and as one volume; 241 p., includes chapters A-L