Waterfowl status report, 1976

Special Scientific Report - Wildlife 227

Compiled by:
William W. Larned , Sharon L. Rhoades , and K. Duane Norman



This report contains information from the 1975-76 midwinter waterfowl survey, the 1976 waterfowl breeding population and production surveys, and the waterfowl harvest surveys for the 1975-76 hunting season. This information was provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Canadian Wildlife Service, and various cooperating State wildlife conservation agencies. Winter surveys are composed of the midwinter survey reports submitted from each of the four flyways and the midwinter survey covering a portion of the west coast of Mexico. The breeding ground surveys section is composed of many individual reports that provide breeding population and production estimates for most waterfowl species within a major portion of their breeding range. The waterfowl harvest survey provides estimates of waterfowl hunting activity and success. Information from surveys of the wintering and breeding populations of waterfowl, coupled with data from the annual harvest survey, are instrumental in developing annual hunting regulations for waterfowl.

Credit has been given to each individual or organization that submitted a report. Although some of the narrative statements have been condensed and a few tables deleted or condensed if they contain data presented elsewhere in this report, the essential information from each report has been retained. The breeding grounds survey strata (Fig. 1) for areas surveyed by Fish and Wildlife Service crews were renumbered in 1974.

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Federal Government Series
Waterfowl status report, 1976
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Special Scientific Report - Wildlife
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Updates and revises Special Scientific Report-Wildlife 61 (1961)
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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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Washington, D.C.
88 p.