NetpathXL - An Excel Interface to the Program NETPATH

Techniques and Methods 6-A26




NetpathXL is a revised version of NETPATH that runs under Windows? operating systems. NETPATH is a computer program that uses inverse geochemical modeling techniques to calculate net geochemical reactions that can account for changes in water composition between initial and final evolutionary waters in hydrologic systems. The inverse models also can account for the isotopic composition of waters and can be used to estimate radiocarbon ages of dissolved carbon in ground water. NETPATH relies on an auxiliary, database program, DB, to enter the chemical analyses and to perform speciation calculations that define total concentrations of elements, charge balance, and redox state of aqueous solutions that are then used in inverse modeling. Instead of DB, NetpathXL relies on Microsoft Excel? to enter the chemical analyses. The speciation calculation formerly included in DB is implemented within the program NetpathXL. A program DBXL can be used to translate files from the old DB format (.lon files) to NetpathXL spreadsheets, or to create new NetpathXL spreadsheets. Once users have a NetpathXL spreadsheet with the proper format, new spreadsheets can be generated by copying or saving NetpathXL spreadsheets. In addition, DBXL can convert NetpathXL spreadsheets to PHREEQC input files. New capabilities in PHREEQC (version 2.15) allow solution compositions to be written to a .lon file, and inverse models developed in PHREEQC to be written as NetpathXL .pat and model files. NetpathXL can open NetpathXL spreadsheets, NETPATH-format path files (.pat files), and NetpathXL-format path files (.pat files). Once the speciation calculations have been performed on a spreadsheet file or a .pat file has been opened, the NetpathXL calculation engine is identical to the original NETPATH. Development of models and viewing results in NetpathXL rely on keyboard entry as in NETPATH.

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NetpathXL - An Excel Interface to the Program NETPATH
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