Ground water in Myrtle Creek - Glendale area, Douglas County, Oregon

Water-Resources Investigations Report 79-8



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This report describes briefly the occurrence of ground water and presents ground-water information that will help water users, public officials, and planners to determine the probability of obtaining adequate quantities of good-quality ground water in the Myrtle Creek-Glendale area, Douglas County, Oreg. The area covers about 400 square miles in southwestern Oregon. Although the geologic formations of the area have low permeabilities and generally yield small amounts of water to wells, ground water is the chief source of water for domestic use in rural parts of the area not served by public supplies. A well capable of yielding 5 to 10 gal/min is generally adequate for a household. Where a suitable storage facility can be provided, yields of less than 5 gal/min can supply household needs. In most places in the area, the quantities of water obtainable from wells are inadequate or would be only marginally adequate for irrigation, municipal, or large industrial use. Included are maps showing a real geology, locations and chemical diagrams of wells with water analysis, ranges and medians of depth to water and depth to wells, and median yield capabilities of existing wells. Also included is a table listing chemical analysis of water. (USGS).

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Ground water in Myrtle Creek - Glendale area, Douglas County, Oregon
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Water-Resources Investigations Report
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U.S. Geological Survey,
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