Geohydrology and ground-water quality at the Pueblo Depot activity landfill near Pueblo, Colorado

Water-Resources Investigations Report 89-4143




Groundwater samples were collected from the shallow unconfined aquifer at the Pueblo Depot Activity (Colorado) landfill and downstream from the landfill. The Pueblo Depot Activity is a U.S. Department of the Army facility in southeastern Colorado about 15 miles east of Pueblo, Colorado. The land-fill is underlain by upland alluvial terrace deposits that overlie a thick and almost impermeable shale. Saturated thickness of the aquifer generally is from 5 to 10 feet. Groundwater flow at the landfill is to the south-southeast toward the Arkansas River valley. Though not hydraulically connected to the upland terrace deposits, the alluvium underlying the Arkansas River valley may be recharged by groundwater that is discharged from seeps at the contact of the upland terrace deposits and the Pierre Shale. The water is classified as a mixed-cation mixed-anion type water that has concentrations of dissolved solids of 710 to 1,810 mg/L. Dissolved-solids concentrations increase downgradient. Chemical analysis, done to determine possible contamination of the groundwater, indicated that concentrations of trichloroethylene ranged from 5.2 to 2,900 microg/L and of trans-1,2-dichloroethylene ranged from 5 to 720 microg/L. The areal distribution of these volatile organic compounds indicate that there possibly are two sources of contamination of groundwater at the landfill, one upgradient from the landfill and the other within the landfill. Analysis of water samples from wells and seeps offsite and downgradient from the landfill did not indicate either contaminant in groundwater from the alluvial aquifer underlying the Arkansas River valley. (USGS)

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Geohydrology and ground-water quality at the Pueblo Depot activity landfill near Pueblo, Colorado
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Water-Resources Investigations Report
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