Woodcock status report, 1960

Special Scientific Report - Wildlife 50




Singing ground counts for 1960 from 40 routes west of the Appalachians and 166 routes east of this range were available for comparison with counts made on the same routes in 1959. While the measurements of change in the woodcock breeding index between years relate, properly speaking, only to these routes as selected by the cooperators, this is the best information we have on the breeding population of the area east of Wisconsin and north of Tennessee and South Carolina.* East of the Appalachians the sample data indicated a statistically significant decrease of 10 per cent, and it probably is safe to conclude that the true drop did not exceed 19 per cent. West of the Appalachians an average increase of 7 per cent was indicated, and 95 per cent confidence limits suggest- that if a decrease did occur on the sample routes, it probably was not more than 13 per cent. For both areas combined, a decrease of 2 per cent was recorded on the 206 routes sampled, with confidence limits of an increase of 9 per cent or a decrease of 12 per cent. There is no evidence of a disastrous population decrease in spite of the severe weather conditions of March 1960. *No comparative data were available from Indiana, Quebec, Rhode Island, Delaware or Virginia; and only one route in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin were covered both years.

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Woodcock status report, 1960
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Special Scientific Report - Wildlife
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