The fauna of the Batesville sandstone of northern Arkansas

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The beds in northern Arkansas that lie between the Boone limestone (commonly regarded as representing the Burlington and Keokuk epochs) and the Pennsylvanian have been divided into several formations, named, in ascending order, Moorefield shale, Batesville sandstone, Fayetteville shale, and Pitkin limestone. These formations presumably are equivalent to those that hold a corresponding position in the typical Mississippian section of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois, but the faunas which they have furnished show noteworthy differences from the typical faunas. It has therefore seemed desirable to investigate these faunas, especially as the facies which they present is found also in the faunas of several of the Southern States, such as Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama. With this object in view, I published in 1911 a report on the fossils of the Moorefield shale. The fauna next to be considered in a systematic pursuance of such a plan as I have mentioned is that of the Batesville sandstone, but the fauna of the Batesville sandstone, as is well known, has already been described in a treatise by Prof. Stuart Weller. At first I considered the possibility of pretermitting the Batesville fauna and of substituting Prof. Weller's report for my own in a series of little monographs that are under contemplation. It soon became evident, however, that this would not be satisfactory because, whether by reason of having collections from a number of new localities or by reason of having more extensive collections from old ones, I found that the material at my command considerably increased the number of types known from the Batesville sandstone, among them being a few which were undescribed. In fact, while Prof. Weller's paper discusses only 30 species (aside from a few Bryozoan types not even generically distinguished) the present paper discusses 128 species. On this account it seemed to me essential to redescribe the fauna.

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The fauna of the Batesville sandstone of northern Arkansas
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