Geologic map of the Chewelah 30' x 60' Quadrangle, Washington and Idaho

Miscellaneous Field Studies Map 2354




This data set maps and describes the geology of the Chewelah 30' X 60' quadrangle, Washington and Idaho. Created using Environmental Systems Research Institute's ARC/INFO software, the data base consists of the following items: (1) a map coverage containing geologic contacts and units, (2) a point coverage containing site-specific geologic structural data, (3) two coverages derived from 1:100,000 Digital Line Graphs (DLG); one of which represents topographic data, and the other, cultural data, (4) two line coverages that contain cross-section lines and unit-label leaders, respectively, and (5) attribute tables for geologic units (polygons), contacts (arcs), and site-specific data (points). In addition, the data set includes the following graphic and text products: (1) A PostScript graphic plot-file containing the geologic map, topography, cultural data, and two cross sections, and on a separate sheet, a Correlation of Map Units (CMU) diagram, an abbreviated Description of Map Units (DMU), modal diagrams for granitic rocks, an index map, a regional geologic and structure map, and a key for point and line symbols; (2) PDF files of the Readme text-file and expanded Description of Map Units (DMU), and (3) this metadata file. The geologic map database contains original U.S. Geological Survey data generated by detailed field observation and by interpretation of aerial photographs. The map was compiled from geologic maps of eight 1:48,000 15' quadrangle blocks, each of which was made by mosaicing and reducing the four constituent 7.5' quadrangles. These 15' quadrangle blocks were mapped chiefly at 1:24,000 scale, but the detail of the mapping was governed by the intention that it was to be compiled at 1:48,000 scale. The compilation at 1:100,000 scale entailed necessary simplification in some areas and combining of some geologic units. Overall, however, despite a greater than two times reduction in scale, most geologic detail found on the 1:48,000 maps is retained on the 1:100,000 map. Geologic contacts across boundaries of the eight constituent quadrangles required minor adjustments, but none significant at the final 1:100,000 scale. The geologic map was compiled on a base-stable cronoflex copy of the Chewelah 30' X 60' topographic base and then scribed. The scribe guide was used to make a 0.007 mil-thick blackline clear-film, which was scanned at 1200 DPI by Optronics Specialty Company, Northridge, California. This image was converted to vector and polygon GIS layers and minimally attributed by Optronics Specialty Company. Minor hand-digitized additions were made at the USGS. Lines, points, and polygons were subsequently edited at the USGS by using standard ARC/INFO commands. Digitizing and editing artifacts significant enough to display at a scale of 1:100,000 were corrected. Within the database, geologic contacts are represented as lines (arcs), geologic units as polygons, and site-specific data as points. Polygon, arc, and point attribute tables (.pat, .aat, and .pat, respectively) uniquely identify each geologic datum.

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Geologic map of the Chewelah 30' x 60' Quadrangle, Washington and Idaho
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Miscellaneous Field Studies Map
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