Water Resources Data, Ohio, Water Year 1998, Volume 2. St. Lawrence River Basin and Statewide Project Data

Water Data Report OH–98–2
Prepared in cooperation with the State of Ohio and with other agencies
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Water-resources data for the 1998 water year for Ohio consist of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams; stage and contents of lakes and reservoirs; and water levels and water quality of ground-water wells. This report, in two volumes, contains records for water discharge at 127 gaging stations and 65 partial-record sites; water levels at 348 observation wells and 24 crest-stage gages; and water quality at 25 gaging stations, 317 observation wells, and 26 partial-record sites. Also included are data from miscellaneous and synoptic sites. Additional water data were collected at various sites not involved in the systematic data-collection program and are published as miscellaneous measurements and analyses. These data represent that part of the National Water Information System collected by the U.S. Geological Survey and cooperating Federal, State, and local agencies in Ohio.

Suggested Citation

Shindel, H.L., Mangus, J.P., and Trimble, L.E., 1999, Water resources data, Ohio, water year 1998, volume 2. St. Lawrence River Basin and statewide project data; U.S. Geological Survey Water-Data Report OH–98–2, 499 p., https://doi.org/10.3133/wdrOH982.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Report documentation page
  • List of surface-water stations, in downstream order, for which records are published
  • List of ground-water stations for which records are published
  • List of discontinued surface-water-discharge stations
  • List of discontinued surface-water-quality stations
  • Introduction
  • Cooperation
  • Summary of hydrologic conditions
  • Special networks and program
  • Explanation of the records
  • Access to USGS water data
  • Definition of terms
  • Publications on techniques of water-resources investigations
  • Surface-water records
  • Peak discharges and stages at continuous-record surface discharge stations
  • Ground-water records
  • Project Data
  • Index
  • Factors for converting inch-pound units to International System units (SI)

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Publication type Report
Publication Subtype USGS Numbered Series
Title Water resources data, Ohio, water year 1998, volume 2. St. Lawrence River Basin and statewide project data
Series title Water Data Report
Series number OH–98–2
DOI 10.3133/wdrOH982
Year Published 1999
Language English
Publisher U.S. Geological Survey
Publisher location Reston, VA
Description 499 p.
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