Streamflow and stream quality in the coal-mining region, Patoka River basin, southwestern Indiana, 1983-85

Water-Resources Investigations Report 88-4150




Streamflow and stream quality data were collected in the coal mining region of the Patoka River basin, Indiana. Data were collected on the Patoka River, tributaries to the Patoka River, the South Fork Patoka River (the largest tributary to the Patoka River), and tributaries to the South Fork Patoka River. Data were collected 4 times at 29 sites from August 1983 through March 1985 during different seasons and conditions of streamflow. Data obtained at the sites included instantaneous streamflow, pH, specific conductance, dissolved-oxygen concentration, water temperature, and concentrations of alkalinity and hot acidity. Water samples were collected and analyzed to determine the concentrations of dissolved sulfate; dissolved, suspended, and total recoverable iron and manganese; dissolved solids suspended sediment; and suspended sediment finer than 0.0625-mm diameter. Streamflow in the Patoka River has been regulated since 1978 by Patoka Lake. Flow-duration analysis indicate that flow regulation by Patoka Lake generally has increased low streamflows and decreased high streamflows in the Patoka Lake. When compared to sites on the tributaries, sites on the Patoka River generally had smaller values for specific conductance and concentrations of chemical constituents. Sites on the tributaries had larger values due to the physical and chemical weathering of coal-mined material in their basins. For the tributary sites, pH was near neutral at 11 sites, pH was low at 8 sites, and pH was variable at 3 sites depending on streamflow. (USGS)

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Streamflow and stream quality in the coal-mining region, Patoka River basin, southwestern Indiana, 1983-85
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Water-Resources Investigations Report
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