Discharge characteristics of embankment-shaped weirs

Water Supply Paper 1617-A




An embankment-shaped weir is an embankment overtopped by flood waters. Among the engineering problems frequently resulting from. this occurrence is the need to compute the peak discharge from postflood yield observations. The research described in this. report was concerned with the theoretical and experimental bases for the computation procedure. The research had two main objectives. One was to determine the relationship between embankment form and roughness and some of the more important discharge characteristics. The second was to define, theoretically and experimentally, the relationship between free-flow discharge and the boundary layer on the roadway. The first objective was accomplished with the experimental determination of coefficients of discharge and other significant flow characteristics for a variety of boundary and flow conditions. The second objective was accomplished with the development and experimental verification of a discharge equation which involved the boundary layer displacement thickness. This phase of the research included a general investigation of boundary layer growth on the roadway. It is included that both free- and submerged-flow discharge are virtually independent of the influence of embankment shape and relative height. The influence of boundary resistance is appreciable only for smaller heads. The most practical solution for discharge is one which is based on. the simple weir equation and experimentally determined coefficients. A completely analytical equation of discharge is impractical. The report contains the results of 936 experiments on the discharge characteristics of 17 different models; plus 106 boundary-layer velocity traverses on 4 different models. The data are summarized in both graphical and tabular form.

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Discharge characteristics of embankment-shaped weirs
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